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Essential Sales Day Planning Kit for Brands

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Essential Sales Day Planning Kit for Brands

Sourav Ghosh and Team

Curated Resources for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Promotions.

Are November & December months the best-selling months in your niche?

But are you not happy with your Holiday Sales Performances from past years?

Or are you not confident with your preparation for this year?

It would be best if you didn't waste your valuable time at this time of the year, searching for the right resources & guidance.

We've curated the best ones for you, the only resources you need to check to create/evaluate your Holiday Sales strategy.


  • These resources are NOT created by us.
  • They are created by platforms like Shopify, Meta etc.
  • They are available for FREE. (Hence we are NOT putting up any price for it. You can choose to pay any amount as a token of appreciation. No pressure!)
  • As official platform partners, our intention is to spread the right information & guidance to as many brands as possible.
  • We have been using most (if not all) of these insights & strategies to grow businesses from USA, UK, AU, CA & 60+ countries for over 7+ years through our Agency & over 15+ years as Business Consultants.

You'll get:

If I find more resources, as valuable as these, I'll update.

Knew about these resources already? Congratulations!

Have you implemented the strategies & insights? That matters.

Need help? Don't hesitate to let us know.

About Us

If you are running a Small or Medium Business and looking for effective business growth strategies, primarily with paid advertisements, our agency is here to help.

Our 15+ years of practical experience & expertise are at your disposal.

We understand your challenges.

Hiring an experienced Agency/professional is costly.

Hiring inexperienced resources is costlier & more headache in the long run.

Mastering this constantly evolving field of Marketing, and implementing it by yourself, while taking care of your actual business, can be overwhelming.

Let us save you time & money.

Our resources & courses (coming soon) will give you the experienced right direction.

You can implement that yourself or hire an inexpensive resource like a Virtual Assistant.

Sounds good?

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Only Resource links & PDFs you'll need to make this Holiday Season the best one for your brand.